What is a Studienkolleg?

A Studienkolleg is a one year preparatory course for Non-EU students aspiring to do Bachelors in Germany.

Why is Studienkolleg necessary?

A Studienkolleg bridges a one year gap for students from abroad, whose schooling consists of 12 years compared to the 13 years in Germany.

This one year lays the foundation for your bachelor studies with the integration of the respective subjects and required practicals.

The one year that you spent at the Studienkolleg caters to the fulfillment of requirements necessary for a successful eligibility to the desired Bachelor studies, making you as equipped as a fellow German student.

What are the different types of courses offered in a
Studienkolleg and which one is suitable for me?

There are different types of Studienkolleg based on your course of interest.

M-Course : The M course is aimed at students who want to study medicine, biology or pharmacy in Germany

W-Course : A W course is a course at the Studienkolleg that prepares participants for subjects from the fields of economics and social sciences.

T-Course: The T-course is aimed at students who want to take up a mathematical, scientific or technical degree in Germany.

G-Course: Our G course prepares students for the assessment test for humanities, social sciences and arts courses. This includes courses of study such as German studies, journalism, law, history, literary studies as well as art and design.

S-Course: Designed for Language and Philosophy.

How does one apply for a Studienkolleg?

A student must fulfill certain criterias to apply and receive a place at the desired Studienkolleg such as 12th graced certificates with the required marks and passing an entrance exam of the said Stdienkolleg. Below, you will find all the detailed procedures:

01Choosing the right University
02Eligibility check
05Getting the offer Letter.
06Visa Procedures

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