German Universities

Germany is one of the most popular places to study in the world. It is also the birthplace of research universities. German universities has a high ranking in international reputation and are valued affiliation partners with foriegn universities worldwide. Some of the reasons why you have to study in Germany.

01Germany is at the forefront of engineering

Engineering and technology are the high-valued sector in Germany. May it be roadways, railways or irways, germany have you covered.

02Top quality higher education

In Germany, both public as well as private uninversities are on high ranking. Over 60 universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS) are present in the most important international university rankings. German education standards have excellent standards, the teaching system is very effeective anf empower students to be practically leaders in their subjects of interests.

03Achieve German language excellency

German is an important language, and as Germany's position is one of the world's leading economies, companies in Germany and other European nations are willing to pay high salaries for graduates with advanced German skills on their CV.

04Excellent job prospects

Graduates with a diploma from German universities are highly valued on job markets, both in Germany and other countries. This happens because everybody recognises the impressive academic level of German education institutions.

05Modern and Innovative

German universities provide important stimulus for innovation and progress. More than 80 Nobel laureates come from Germany, most of whom have received Nobel peace prize in Chemistry, Physics and Medicine.

06International orientation

About one-third of all German university graduates gain foriegn experience during their studies. The goal of educational policymakers in Germany is to have at least 50% of students complete a period fo study aborad at some time during their degree programmes.

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