Nursing in Germany

- the best way out!

One cannot overstate the importance of Nursing in Germany. In Germany, there's much opportunity for nursing students. It is considered a respectable job and given the importance of a professional approach. It is known for serving individuals, families, and society as a whole.

Germany is facing a shortage of certified nurses, making it the need of the hour for prioritizing the nursing courses in colleges. A qualified nursing student in Germany is very much guaranteed of a job.

Thus, it is the best time to transport yourself to Germany if you are looking for Nursing as a profession. However, before you apply at a hospital, one should have a minimum of B2 level of German language proficiency. This is because one would need to be able to communicate with your patients in German. For international nurses, this makes the language requirement essential to work as a nurse in Germany.

One is allowed to work at hospitals, health insurance companies, Nursing homes, and so on.

Application Process

01Preparation Phase

  • Pre-screening of candidate's education and certificates.
  • Experience gained over the years.
  • Shortlisting of the German Healthcare Institutions.
  • Application to these Institutions.
  • Interview with the shortlisted German Healthcare Institutions.
  • Elementary German language Course Certificates.
  • Video conferencing call with the German HR team after an ID check.
  • Declaration of interest and issuing of an employment contract.

02Pre-Employment Phase

  • Apply for an employment/work visa to relocate to Germany.
  • Start your work as an assistant nurse on a reduced pay-scale.
  • Preparation of Equivalence Exam including German terminology.
  • Take the equivalence exam.
  • Apply for a license to practice and become a qualified nurse in Germany.

03Settlement Phase

  • Begin employment as a qualified nurse on a full salary.
  • On completion of 3 years of job, apply for permanent residence in Germany.

Timeline for Application of Work Permit

01Let’s connect
02Documents arrangement
03Prepare German language, B1/B2(6 to 8 months)
04Apply for Annerkennung(Equivalency of degree/license)(Processing time=12 to 15 weeks)
05Your contract arrives(2-3 weeks)
06Work visa application(4-5 weeks)
07Start working in Germany

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