Student Visa Services

Procuring student visa is one of the prime goals to study in Germany. Sometimes the criteria to achieve this may be overwhelming but we help you achieve this through our servcies and expertise.

Student visa services is a complied package of :

  • Document Preparation
  • Booking an appointment for Visa
  • Visa File Preparation
  • Writing Service
  • Interview Coaching
  • Visa Stamping Assistance
  • Guidance for travel insurance
  • Pre-departure Guidance
  • Flight Booking Guidance
  • Post-departure Guidance
01Choosing the right University

Once you have decided the right course, we will help you narrow down the best Universities for you, to which your application will be sent. Choosing the right university would be paramount for further steps.

02Offer letter / Admission Letter to University

Once you receive your offer letter(s), we will start off with next steps towards your visa appointment/ interview.

03Blocked account (Sperrkonto)

A student must produce the bank statement of a Blocked account with the required fund as mentioned by the German consulate. This is a crucial step in achieving the visa as this would be seen as the means of survival for the student, once he/she reaches Germany.

04Biometric Photo

Two or more copies of your biometric photo according to the German specifications must be at hand as well.

05Fill Out The Application Form

The application form must be filled in by the applicant. Additionally the attestation and the declaration of documents for the submitted information.

06Prepare A Demand Draft

The Visa Fee is to be payed at the time of Visa Interview. The applicant should check the current exchange rate for Visa Fee before obtaining a demand draft, as incorrect demand drafts are not accepted.

07Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is mandatory for the travel and hence is part of the requirement.

08Visa Stamping

Visa application procedures must be conducted immediately after the adminssion into the university.

Documentation Services

Collecting and organizing documents necessary for application of visa plays a very vital role in the procurement of student visa as well college admission. The arrangement for this have to be managed efficiently so that your chance increases upto 100% in all these areas. We from Compass Groups handles this prfessionally and with relevant expertise to ensure you achieve both the admission and the visa for your future in Germany.

Detailed Requirements Steps:

  • Motivation Letter
  • Recommendation Letter
  • CV
  • Visa Application

After Arrival Support

New to Germany with lots of questions?
Once you have attained the goal of reaching Germany [ Congratulations btw ;) ], we will help you to integrate with the local culture, opening bank accounts, familiarize the city/university and much more. We are here for you!

  • Orientation
  • Bank Account
  • Accomodation
  • Airport Pick-up
  • Familiarize with local surroundings

Personal Consultation

Ranging from educational to procedural queries, the experts at Compass Groups will provide you with well-laid out plans to your way to the future in Germany. Our well-versed team who are also German citizens provide you with the correct and suitable advice on every single step.

  • Visa eligibility check-list
  • Admission eligibility check-list
  • Shortlist universities
  • German standard of living

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